What Monique Custom Shoes do?

As mentioned earlier in introduction Monique shoes are dates back to the Milhado family business of the Netherlands in 1888. Now, after success of 30 years store selling, it is time for our customers to begin customize shoes for themselves. It is understood every woman is different from other and that one model and one style does not fit all. So, the power is now at customer’s hands, and we are excited to give it to you. Let your imagination run wild because the barriers no longer exist.

Monique Custom ShoesEach piece of shoe made by Monique is hand-crafted on the coast of Spain using a fine assortment of leather, fabric, and gradient decorative touches.
Monique shoes have always been engaged for the women sensing for something that is both diametric and bracing. The brand is now acquirable at your fingertips allowing you a incomparable experience where customer can custom design their own pair of shoes beyond the Chaotic imaginations.

Monique Custom ShoesMonique has guarantee that an possibility like this is acquirable to any woman that loves shoes. The size limit is obliging to every women, whether your feet are large, small, wide, or narrow you can customize your own shoes, pumps, ankle straps. Pucci and much more.

How to customize shoes?

As mentioned above each woman can select her favorite style Shoes, Ankle straps, Mules, Peep Toes, Pumps, Boots, Slingback, Sandals and Flats each model has its own extensions in category. After selecting the style of shoe a lady can chose up to 100 colors of different shades. There are shoe with one, two and three parts which can be customize different color in it, after designing user can see the preview before confirming the order. The color will change rapidly in shoe, as the process of designing shoe is very quick. After selecting colors a lady can select width, buckle, lining, size and quantity.

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