Killer tips on buying ladies’ shoes

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You’ve got a killer dress, beautiful jewelry and a gorgeous handbag: Now all you need is a great pair of ladies’ shoes to complete your outfit. With ladies’ dress shoes, boots and other women’s shoes, the styles you want are right at your fingertips online. Read on for tips on selecting the best women’s shoes for all occasions.

Buying Ladies’ Shoes:

  1.  Buy conservative shoes for work. The right heels can elongate your body and slim your legs and ankles. For a day at the office where you will be sitting and standing for long periods of time, you need low kitten heels or other similar ladies’ dress shoes that won’t put too much stress on your arches and toes. Buy stylish kitten heels in black or brown to complement your professional wardrobe, or find heels with a chunky wedge or platform that give your feet more support.
  2.  Find comfortable shoes for the weekend. Women’s athletic shoes are designed with supportive, shock-absorbent soles that give your feet stability and cushioning. Look for styles with tough rubber soles that give you traction and grip, especially if you plan to walk or hike during the weekend. Buy women’s athletic shoes with versatile, feminine designs so you can wear them with shorts and jeans almost anywhere. For a less sporty look, buy women’s flats in bright colors and patterns that you can easily slip on whenever you need to run errands or head out of the house. Purchase women’s flats and similar ladies’ shoes for simple traveling shoes that pack well.
  3.  If the boot fits, buy three extra pairs. Ladies’ boots can dress up every outfit and keep your feet and legs warm during the cooler months. Find a pair of boots with chunky heels to add height to your frame and add style to an ordinary skirt and blouse ensemble. Buy ladies’ boots with flat soles for a comfortable fit you can wear with both jeans and dresses, and find boots in neutral colors, such as black and brown, for styles that will complement your wardrobe.
  4.  Select sandals and shoes for summer. Shop for sandals you can wear with shorts, jeans and sundresses when the weather turns warm. Strappy styles and platforms are more formal, while flip flops and flat gladiator sandals are perfect for a casual outfit you can wear to a beach party or around town. Buy women’s sandals that flatter your feet and are comfortable enough to wear throughout long summer days. For a light hike, buy women’s casual shoes you can put on easily and carry with you when sandals don’t give you enough support. Look for Women’s custom shoes made of breathable materials so you’ll stay comfortable, whatever your destination.
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