Why High Heels Help you Lose Weight?

Monique Custom Shoes
As for high heels, some women love and other women hate. Women who hate high heels can be divided into two parts:
(1) Don’t know how to wear them to walk
(2) Be horrible with the painful they can be. Maybe there are other reasons, but whatever reason, most women can’t resist the temptation of the high heels’ charm , even if they are hateful and horrible.
Yes, High heels is painful, although I wear high heels every day, I must admit it, especially wear it to walk for a long time at one time. But compared to the charm of high heels, I’d rather to wear happily.
Why? What charm the high heels has? oh, so many charming place, let’s count:
  1. Make us taller
  2. Make us feel charming、sexy and confident
  3. Lengthen the curve of our legs, which makes us look slimmer and elegant
  4. Make an outfit perfectly
  5. Help us correct our leg so that our legs can become more beautiful
  6. Don’t have to cost a fortune
High heels has another benefits for women that you may be not know–It’s losing weight. Yes, you didn’t hear wrongly, wearing high heels can lose weight. It’s indeed tired to wear high heels, but in this process, you burn more calories and fat more than flat shoes,statistics shows more than 200 calories and fat is burned within one hour than flat shoes. On the other hand, wearing high heels can help tight leg ministry line and get rid of the proud flesh, which will help lose weight and shape your beautiful legs. So if you are trying to lose weight, wearing high heels may be a good method.
monique Custom Shoes
Summer is coming, many girls or women choose to lose weight this time, if you also have this plan, you may choose some Custom Ankle Straps , Custom sandals , Custom perfect boots at first, then have a try as well as become more beautiful.
Monique Custom Shoes

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