The Complete Girls Shoes Buying Guide

Unlike adults, girls may not necessarily like going shopping for shoes, but at the rate they outgrow their shoes, it is absolutely essential for girls to get new shoes from time to time. Girl’s shoes can come in many different colors, styles, shapes, and types. Because there are so many different shoes for girls to choose from, it may be hard for buyers to know what shoes to buy and when.

This guide will help buyers to buy girl shoes that fit the girl’s needs by teaching buyers when to buy new shoes for girls, providing shopping tips for girls’ shoes, and explaining how to get the right size girls’ shoes. It will also cover how to choose girls’ shoes and provide a list of various types of girls’ shoes and when to wear them.

When to Buy New Shoes for Your Girl

Unless a girl complains that her shoes are uncomfortable, parents may not know that she needs a new pair of shoes. Because of this, it is a good idea for a girl’s shoes to be checked periodically to be sure that they still fit the girl and that they are comfortable.

If a girl’s shoes are too small, then it is time for a new pair, but there are other factors that indicate it’s time to buy a new pair of girl’s shoes as well. Worn areas, stressed seams, bulging, or wearing sides are major indicators that it is time for a new pair of shoes. Another sign that a girl needs new shoes is toes that bend upwards, worn out toes, and worn out heels.

Once a buyer has decided a girl needs some new shoes, there are few tips to keep in mind.

Shopping Tips for Girls’ Shoes

The following tips should be used when shopping for girl’s shoes:

  •     Shop in the afternoon or evening since feet swell throughout the day.
  •     If a girl does not especially like shoe shopping, look for a store that specializes in children’s shoes.
  •     Avoid overspending as girls grow out of shoes quickly.

Taking in these few tips before diving into the shopping aspect will help buyers to really focus on the best shoes for the girl.

Getting the Right Size Girls’ Shoes

There are various trends when it comes to girls’ shoes. From sneakers to formal dress shoes, trends are great and keep girls wanting new shoes. The biggest priority when it comes to buying girls’ shoes is that the shoes fit properly. It doesn’t matter what style the shoe is, it needs to fit well, yet have a bit of room to accommodate growing feet.

Measure the Girl’s Feet

Girls’ feet should be measured at least once a month. Buyers can do this by asking a salesperson or shoe store clerk to help in measuring the girl’s foot. Or, measurements can be done at home by measuring the distance from the biggest toe to the back of the heel. One foot will typically be bigger than the other, so the measurement to use should be the one for the larger foot.

Don’t Buy Shoes That Are Too Big

Because children’s feet grow so quickly, it may be tempting for parents to buy shoes that are too big, but buying shoes that are too big can be just as problematic as buying shoes that are too small. Shoes that are too big can cause girls to develop foot problems as well as cause the child to trip. Therefore, it is important to buy just the right size shoes.

Choosing Shoes for Girls

Whether buying shoes because the girl has grown out of the old ones or to spice up a new outfit, girls just can’t have enough shoes, and that is why it is important to know how to choose the right shoes for every occasion.

Look for Shoes with Breathable Material

Shoes that are made from breathable materials such as leather or canvas are the best options when looking for girl’s shoes. Not only are they more durable, but they help to keep the girl’s feet drier and cooler which prevents discomfort, blisters, as well as smelly shoes and feet.

Avoid Heels

Unless buying for a special occasion, heels should be avoided for everyday wear. It is more difficult for girls to walk in heels and it is not particularly good for proper foot development. When it comes to everyday wear, buyers should pick flats and even soles.

Choose the Right Sole

Buyers should look for soles that are either patterned or textured to provide extra traction protection. A girl’s shoe should have soles that are sturdy as well as thick enough to protect her feet from injury. The sole also needs to be flexible enough that it bends with the foot.

Types of Girls Shoes

With new outfits, a new class, and a new atmosphere, girls often like to show off their personality with new shoes. The following table shows the various types of girl’s shoes buyers can choose from to get just the right pair for any occasion:


Type of Shoe

When to Wear

Shoe Description

Sneakers Wear sneakers during sports, exercises, or extensive walking Sneakers have padded comfortable insoles and provide great support for the arch and sole of the foot; also flexible
Fashion Boots


Wear for a fashion statement Fashion boots are designed in all kinds of style to make a fashion statement
Functional Boots Wear in the mud, in the snow, riding, or in the rain Riding boots are black or brown leather boots that come up to the knee; rain boots are waterproof; boots that are lined with fur, wool, or an insulating material keep the feet warm


Wear to fancy occasions like school dances, holidays, or birthdays Heels for girls are made lower and more square than those made for women


Wear for light walking, playing, or spending a day at school Flats have flat soles, sometimes with a strap across the middle, little arch support, but are generally comfortable, flexible, and durable
Sandals and Flip-Flops


Wear on a hot day to the beach or the pool Sandals and flip-flops are open toed and sometimes open-backed shoes with minimal material to keep feet cool on hot days

Knowing the different kinds of shoes available for girls will help buyers know what shoes to buy for what occasion or outfit.

Article Source : ebay

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