10 Tips On How To Stop Your Feet From Smelling When Wearing any shoes

When I saw this Reddit thread asking for tips on how to keep your feet from smelling in the spring and summer, I was like, “YASSS,” and then I was like, “I need to share this with Gurl.” As Reddit user spotpig says, “Now is the time of year ballet flats and cute shows that look awful with socks come into season.” I don’t think I need to remind you that flats with no socks are basically a recipe for smelly feet.

Few things are worse than taking your shoes off and revealing a terrible odor that you try to act like isn’t actually happening. For some people it occurs all year long, for others just with certain shows, and for some lucky few, never. If you deal with the struggle of flats and stinky feet, rest assured that many feel your pain.

But the Reddit community came together with some seriously helpful tips on how to stop your feet from smelling, no matter what kind of shoes you’re wearing. Want to know the secrets?

Here are 10 tips on getting rid of smelly feet.

1. Soak Your Feet In Vinegar

abqkat: OOH! Been in ballet for 20+ years and know lots of feet things. The thing that I’ve found that works wonders is: soak in 1:1 hot (as hot as you can stand it) water to vinegar (the cheap distilled stuff works great) for about 20 minutes 3x/ week. It really does work as prevention of smelly feet! Vinegar is great for getting rid of odors, so I have no doubt this works. Plus, it will feel really nice! Who doesn’t love a foot bath?

2. Buy No-Show Socks

ChiefmoBaggins: No show socks of course. I love rocking dress shoes in the summer sockless with a summer weight suit, but I still want to preserve the shoe by not sweating into them. Monkstraps, loafers, bucks, saddles and spectators all look better in the summer sockless. No-show socks made for flats seems obvious, but as a girl with tiny feet, I’ve struggled with finding a pair that actually work as no-show. I personally love Ked’s no-show socks, which grip at the ankle and fit well. If you can find a pair that works with your flats, this is a great option to keep your feet from smelling.

3. Stuff Your Shoes With Baking Soda

eizoop: I put socks full of baking soda in my shoes when I’m not wearing them (very thin socks, full of baking soda, tied at the ends so the baking soda doesn’t spill out), and I’ll wash my feet in the middle of the day if it’s exceptionally hot outside. It’s a great tip to put the baking soda in socks if you don’t want to ruin your flats with the white powder.

4. Try Baby Powder or Foot Powder

InfinitelyThirsting: Febreze and baby powder. LUSH makes some really nice scented powders. After you wear your shoes, spray them with Febreze and dust them with baby powder.

5. Try To Choose Leather Flats

jenngingeer: I cannot stand to wear socks in anything but boots or tennis shoes. But I love ballet flats and closed toe heels… and have sweaty feet. So… I try to never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Plus, almost all of my shoes are leather uppers. Leather breathes, some synthetics do not. I have some Target flats that are amazing and don’t make my feet sweat, but I have this one pair that even in winter, my feet were sweating to the point where I have to take them off during the day! If you can manage to make your flats leather, go for it. I have a pair of leather flats I don’t wear with socks, and they never make my feet smell.

6. Spray Deodorant On Your Feet

idiosyncrassy: I put deodorant on my feet. If it works for my pits, it’ll work for my feets. Hey, it’s worth a try! This is only useful if your feet are getting sweaty. Use spray deodorant instead of a stick of deodorant so things don’t get messy.

7. Wipe Down With Antibacterial Wipes

princessunicornfairy: I wipe the inside of the shoe with an antibacterial wipe after every use. My podiatrist told me that one! This is simple and fast. Just don’t forget about trying it!

8. Use Mint Oil

unispecte: I found a couple awesome tricks after getting fed up with throwing out tons of work flats just because they smelled awful. Such a waste of money! Foot sprays and powders were all useless, as was baking soda for me. So here are my tips: 1) Definitely wear the little no-show socks. Wash them after every use, even if it’s just with dish soap and water in the sink and leave them to air dry. 2) For extra help, mint essential oil seems to help kill odour and also makes everything smell awesome and minty. I would just rub a drop or two into the soles of my feet before putting them in my shoes. Seriously. I no longer have to throw out otherwise perfectly good shoes! It’s awesome. I like the tip on washing or soaking your socks in between use – dirty socks will only contribute to a smell. And the mint oil is great as well.

9. Don’t Wear Them Two Days In A Row

_chaotic_neutral_ : I have more than one pair of warm weather shoes, so I can let pairs dry out in between wearing. It sounds excessive, but neither my feet nor my shoes stink. Also, if it’s raining, I wear boots on my way to work and change into my flats when I’m indoors to keep them dry. Sometimes it’s as simple as putting your flats outside for a day to air them out. Also, if you can, don’t wear any shoes two days in a row.

10. Use Terrycloth Insoles

Gluestick05: I buy terrycloth insoles and wash them on the regular. It doesn’t totally prevent stinkfoot, but it prevents you from ruining shoes. This is more of a tip on how to keep your flats and shoes intact. It won’t really help smelly feet that much, but it’s still worth knowing about!

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