Second Thoughts Heels And Handbags That Look Amazing Together

Fresh Ideas for Heels and Handbags Combos

We truly know the struggle of finding the perfect pair of heels and then desperately searching for that awesome handbag that will go with our beloved shoes! Even if you already have a ton of handbags in your closet, you always end up at square one when you start searching for another great addition to your wardrobe, and that’s why we thought it would be great to give you some amazing combos that can serve as your inspiration for the next time you’ll have to play this game.

Second Thoughts Heels And Handbags That Look Amazing Together

Givenchy Contrast Leather Pumps AND Balenciaga Shoulder Bag

Instead of opting for a black OR white shoulder bag, we suggest you stay along the lines of the shoes and opt for a two-toned, black AND white handbag. It works great for any outfit you have in mind, and this bag will be perfectly paired with a lot of other heels you have in store, since it’s simple and versatile.

Second Thoughts Heels And Handbags That Look Amazing Together

Gianvito Rossi d’Orsay Pump AND Sophie Hulme Cross body Bag

These heels are sexy and playful at the same time and they will go great with a bag that is just the same! This brightly colored handbag will lighten your mood every time you’re going to wear it and when paired with the sexy d’Orsay silhouette of the pumps, this combo becomes a winner!

Second Thoughts Heels And Handbags That Look Amazing Together

Christian Louboutin Laser-Cut Kristali Pumps AND Saint Laurent High School Medium Saddle Bag

Dare to take a risk with the different patterns, while playing it safe with the same nude color of the shoe and the bag. These shoes will still rock the show, while this small, but practical handbag will work in the background to make sure that your outfit is a killer!

Second Thoughts Heels And Handbags That Look Amazing Together

Pierre Hardy Majorelle Suede Kid Heels AND Florian London Vienna Tote Pink

If you decide to go bold with the shoes, there is no reason to not fully commit to what you have started – for this reason a brightly colored handbag will be the perfect companion to your bold shoes. Wear this incredible combo with a black or white outfit to highlight even more these two perfect accessories!

Second Thoughts Heels And Handbags That Look Amazing Together

Flying First-Sass Heel in Black AND Proenza Schouler Medium Drawstring Bucket Bag

An Oxford silhouette for a shoe is always a good idea, and when you add the heel they turn into a great purchase for classy events or for your day-to-day outfits. A smart-casual outfit is perfectly complimented by their style and when you add to the equation a black bucket bag, you’ll end up with the perfect combo for work or outings.

Second Thoughts Heels And Handbags That Look Amazing Together

Francesco Russo Leather Pumps and Mango Tote Bag

We simply love accessories that go great with various styles, and these heels are a perfect example of such versatility! You can pair them with pretty much everything from feminine suits or pencil skirts, to loose jeans and casual shirts. Wear them with this bright red tote bag for a splash of color and functionality!

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