Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

Do you love shooties and booties? Of course you do and who doesn’t. While it may be hard to tell which is which at times, the style of these shoes are endless. Both shoe types are very similar in design but are basically distinguish with a basic thought. Booties are small boots that only reach the ankles and are also known as ankle boots. Shooties are very similar but have more of a shoe design to them then their counterpart. Here are both booties and shooties with one thing in common they’re all exceptional.

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

First is the lovely Material Girl’s Monica shooties. If you’re in need of an elegant shoe option, then these trendy accessories are for you. The closed round toe has a dashing feel. The side zipper is a fabulous gold detail designed with class. A tall skinny heel measures at five inches on this shootie. Comfort is accounted for with a 1 ½ inch hidden platform for thorough support. Outfit options are endless with these designer cute bootie shoes.

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

Watch out now. This studded ankle boot by Pink and Pepper are serious business. The strap surrounding the ankle is detailed with gold pyramid studs. These black leather booties are made with beautiful leather exterior and can withstand wet weather as well. The 1 inch plat form provides a balance to the 3 ¼ inch heel.


Michael Kors is known for fabulous shoe designs and pushing the limits. A killer bootie always has an erotic look to it. These Graham booties are no exception. The profile is a lattice creation that teases the world. You will find these shoes have a gorgeous peep toe and a sexy skinny heel measuring at 4 inches. Try these shoes on your next hot night out!

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

Elegance blends with exotic to produce these peep-toe booties. A sheer mesh detail makes up a majority of this petite beauty. The Ivy booties by Caparros are a cutely designed style with an inner ankle zipper, a round toe and 4 inch heel that will not be overlooked. Wear these booties to your next high class function and get ready for compliments.

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

The Maldwin Fringe booties by Jessica Simpson test the level of creativity for shooties and booties everywhere. A perforated body is a style that teases a bit complimented with a decorative fringe detail. These suede cute bootie shoes boast a wrapped chunky heel that measures approximately 4 inches with zipper detail in the back.

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

Turn heads in these Engine peep-toe booties. Steve Madden has created a fabulous party shoe that screams dominance. The caged platform round peep-toe is incredibly comfortable. You will need it for sure, as you stand tall on a 5 ½ inch chunky heel. These lace-up black leather booties are no match for the timid, so buyers beware.

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

Class it up with these earth tone shooties from Tahari. These shoes are made with imported leather and labeled Charm because of there endearing style. Here is another round open toe shootie that is sure to make a statement. The gold detail is around the toes and on the back, from the gold zipper at the top all the way down the heel. Tahari vaunts a modest heel size of 3 ½ inches making these perfect for the office.

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

Oh My God! I love these fabulous shooties from XOXO. These super feminine peep-toe wedges named Bern have a lovely lace style cutout. Bern is stacked on a wedge heel that measures approximately 4 inches. Patent leather is one of my favorites. These shooties have an open toe and the cherry on top are the gorgeous statin laces.

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

The vintage style black leather booties from Lanvin are hard to find and worth the search. Once I found my size at Monique Custom Shoes, these calf leather booties set off my outfits. The concealed leather platform is super comfy and balances the gorgeous stiletto heel. Again the lace up in the front is a great complement to these pointy toe stunners. Pricey but stunning!

Shooties And Booties That Make A Statement

These Doyle booties by BCB Generation are an intriguing purchase for me. The bulky buckled straps give us the rocker chick vibe. A stacked heel measures just over 4 inches and gives a lot of support. The subtle cutout look and peep toe design presents these booties with a touch of indelicate intentions.

When talking shooties and booties I could go for days. These were some of my favorites that have been inspiring me at the moment. I love this style of shoe because you can make such a statement with them. Hollywood walks the red carpet with them and you constantly see them at the hottest clubs in Miami, New York and Las Vegas. So hopefully this article has inspired you to show off your favorite pair from your shoe collections. If you’re unhappy with this part of your shoe game, then just look at it as a fantastic reason to go shopping or why not design your own shoes with Monique Custom Shoes. Perfect Ankle Straps, Customize your mules or Or Design your Peep Toe with Monique Custom Shoes today.



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